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Position: Front
Spoke Size: 17"x3.5"/9G
Nipple Color: Red
Subtotal: $89.95
  • MXCHAMP stainless steel  dirt bike wheels spoke, made of ultra stronger stainless steel (T302H) and heat-treatment, Up to 20% stronger(average tensile strength >16,000 N.m, deflection<11mm)than other competitor excel spokes and OEM stock spokes

  • Our spoke are heat forged and utilize a higher precision thread, anti-seize treatment to keep the nipple from back out of the nipple due to vibration

  • Black stainless steel spokes use a special LEC (liquid electrostatic coating), that is extremely durable and lightweight

  • These are heavy duty spokes and nipples, drilling of the rim may be required, confirm the holes on your rim are at least 8.5mm (or 11/32"), If they are not, simply ream out each hole to this specification

  • Fit for OEM stock front and rear dirt bike hubs  and dirt bike rims

  • Ship from local US fullfillment center by FedEX Ground, UPS Ground or USPS to delivery customer 3-5 days
  • The buyer must specify your bike make/model/year and check the Compatible Bikes BEFORE placing order. If your bike not listed on the compatible vehicle list . Please send us your inquiry to:
  • International Buyers please understand you are responsible for all duties, taxes and customs fees associated with the purchase.  These fees are not included in the price of the item, Also the US customs may  requests the buyer  to submit the HS-7 form to clear  US customs if your order was shipped from overseas. We recommend you contact your customs office to find out what those fees  and form may be before you purchase.
  • Important Announcement: MXCHAMP is Road Dreams Industries Ltd. registered trademark in USA(Reg. # 5,774,731). All rights reserved. We NEVER authorized any other dealer to sell MXCHAMP trademark products in USA. The customer must be aware of any counterfeit “MXChamp" products on the other fraud website (allegedly MANUFACTURED IN SOUTH AMERICA, etched "MXCHAMP" trademark on the rim and hub)

3 Crucial Things You Need to Know  About the Spokes

1. What Happens If You Over Tighten Spokes?

Spoke tension is crucial to guarantee your wheels are strong, reliable and long lasting. Spokes that are too loosened will constant to loosen and also require continuous wheel truing. Spokes that are too tight will trigger damages to the rim, nipples and hub flanges.

2. Why Do Spokes Keep Breaking?

Spoke breakage can be lead to by a number various things-everything from rocks/sticks to wrong tension, corroded nipple, or faulty spokes. It's not unusual for a single spoke stopping working to result in failures of extra spokes, because of the increased tension put on the rest of spokes when a single one breaks.

3. How Much Does It Cost to True a Dirt Bike Wheels?

If the wheel is fixable- it typically looks great yet, but has a wobble-you can expect your local bike store to charge you $20-$30 to true it by using professional equipment like digital wheel truing stand for the excellent line up and roundness, and reach out the Japanese  stock spoke wheel balancing standard.(JIS D4215)

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