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7 Ways To Choose Right Size and Replace Dirt Bike Tires


Decide the total track circumstance including the beginning line If the circumstance differ from hard-packed to loose loam, you'll likely will want a versatile tire like Dunlop's MX33 or other brand dirt bike tire. For hard terrain, the MX52 is your ideal choice.or other brand dirt bike tire(see column 1 on the below guide...

10 Steps to Lace Up and Truing Dirt Bike Wheels


There are some reasons why you want to know how to lace up dirt bike wheels. Maybe you're restoring an old dirt bike or fixing damage to your bike after a brutal ride. Maybe you're building a customer-tailored wheels and want to update rim size and hub combo that's not available.Whatever the reason, here...

10 Things You Need to Know About the Dirt Bike Wheels


1.Dirt Bike Rims It doesn't matter whether the spokes are tightened up correctly or not, The dirt dike rims do bend. There is no alternative for a quality wheel rim. The distinction in between a good quality rim can be just as a flat spot or as much as a broken rim. Bad quality...

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