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10 Things You Need to Know About the Dirt Bike Wheels

by YIMIN WANG 11 Oct 2022

1.Dirt Bike Rims

It doesn't matter whether the spokes are tightened up correctly or not, The dirt dike rims do bend. There is no alternative for a quality wheel rim. The distinction in between a good quality rim can be just as a flat spot or as much as a broken rim. Bad quality motocross rims generally crack at the weld.


2.Dirt Bike Hubs

OEM stock hubs versus aftermarket-who takes the cake? At the hi-end of the sport, most of Pro racers utilize either works or aftermarket hubs, most of which are billet. Forged hubs are solid and reliable, however have a tendency to be a little heavier than casting hubs. Casting allows the designer (or maker) to choose the proper measurement without needing to trim the design out of a solid chunk of metal. On a side note, the question of "declining" (cutting product off the hub) the stock hubs to looks like the factory appearance typically shows up. We do not recommend this.


3.Bearings and Seals

Bearings are an often-overlooked aspect of race performance. Used, galled or grabbed bearings reduce wheel spin, boost drag and sway at speed. Replacing wheel bearings at regular intervals (at least once a year) is an inexpensive service that pays dividends.



The method you set up your suspension can effect the lifespan of your wheels. Stock wheels are built to rigorous standards- with the understanding that casing leaps, flat touchdown or plowing into a downed bike can exceed the limits of light weight aluminum rims, carbon steel stock spokes and casting hubs. Properly set-up suspension can increase the life expectancy of your wheels.


5. Wheel Rim Locks

Some riders commonly ask the number of rim locks to make use of. Rim locks quit the tire from rotating on the rim. Front wheels just require one rim lock. For back wheels, the number can vary depending upon horse power, riding circumstance and air-pressure choose. Big engine bikes (450cc or up) can warrant two rim locks because of the number of wheel spin and torque. Running low air pressure would be an additional reason for 2 rim locks. If your rim just has one hole, you should pierce a 2nd hole; nevertheless, we suggest you calling a good motorcycle wheel-service store such as wheelmaster for this treatment.

6. Dirt Bike Spokes and Nipples

Typically, OEM stock spokes and nipple are not bad quality; however, KTM, Husqvarna & GasGas had quality issues with their front and rear spokes. Changing spokes can run anywhere from $50 to $200 per wheel. Similar to any type of dirt bike parts, spokes wear out. They extend over time, break in crashes and suffer from absence of tightening or over-tightening. If you do not examine your spokes at fixed period, like before every race, you endanger the structural integrity of the wheel itself. If you over-tighten the spokes, you can stress them enough to break. The exact same is true for nipples. We have seen racers round off their nipples by trying to tighten up spokes that have actually stretched far reason. We have actually seen racer whose nipples are so loosened that they have vanished down into the rim. We have seen nipple that are so grab on the spoke that the only method to disassemble the wheel is to cut the spokes off.
Maximize your wheelset strength and ensure that all spoke nipples are torqued to the proper specs. Refer to your owner’s manual for each model’s proper spoke torque setting. Unusually, we recommend you set up the torque spoke wrench 3.5-4.0 N.m(35-40 lbs.inch) Overtightened nipples/spokes can generate a weak wheel set and you’ll be more likely to break spokes or bend a wheel rims.


7. Too Much Maintenance

Think about your spokes as the strings on a guitar. The strings can be strummed to play a melodious tune when they are tensioned appropriately. A loose string on a guitar provides a false note. Many racer assume that inspecting their spokes means tightening them. Not true. Examining them means analyzing their state of melody. The highest cause of broken spokes and also eventually broken wheels is riders who turn each spoke a little each time they ride. Doing this melodies every spokes to an "F-sharp" generates the risk of having the threaded end of the spoke poke through the nipple into the internal tube.


8.Torque Spoke Wrench

This is one of key tools that every racer should to ready. A spoke torque wrench is the most effective means to ensure the spokes are serviced correctly and set to the right torque specs. For OEM stock wheels, refer to the owner's manual for these torque specs.We recommend to set up the torque spoke wrench 3.5-4.0 N.m(35-40 lbs.inch) and turn around each nipple till you heard "click" sound.



If you choose to run aftermarket billet hubs, there are a few points to note. These hubs are usually made from aluminum billet and than anodized. The back hub can get really hot from thermal disbursed from the back brake. When cleaning your bike after riding, it is right way only use water till whole bike cools. The chemicals in cleansers will certainly stain or streak the hubs when they are hot. Stock hubs will typically get tarnished despite what you do, particularly the back, as things like chain lube will certainly get onto the hub when it's hot. Likewise, when you wash your bike, stay away of spraying straight into the location of the wheel bearings. For a deep cleaning, take the wheels off the bike and also use compressed air to clear up any kind of wetness in the area of the bearings.


10. Factory Stock Hubs

Factory racing teams can use up to 10 sets of hubs per racer per season. Relying on the variety of hrs they were ridden and the circumstances that the hubs were made use of in, the used hubs might be transferred to the racer's practice bikes the next year. Most of racing teams utilize new hubs every season for safety reason.
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