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Nick Burson – 2nd Pro class

by Mimo Tech Co.,Ltd 09 Aug 2021
Nick Burson out again for the So Cal MC Hare & Hound. Snagging himself another podium in 2nd place after a solid run out in the desert. 
 In his words: “This weekend was the so cal Mc hare n hound. I got a really good jump off the line and lead the bomb run. I ended up leading for almost the whole first loop and right before the pits Preston Campbell passed me. I followed him out on the 2nd loop and stayed with him for about 10 miles. We headed over into an area that I am not comfortable with. I decided to back it down and bring it home with a 2nd overall. My bike worked really well and I was happy with my speed. Looking forward to racing again in two weeks. “
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