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Tyler Lynn – DQ Pro

by Mimo Tech Co.,Ltd 10 Aug 2021
Tyler ran a solid race for two hours. Was on track to finish 6th, but he ended up getting a DQ after his hand fell apart and accidentally lost control and went of course making it look as if he was course cutting. The WORCS officials penalized him though it was an accident. He will come back at the next round more aware and won’t make the mistake again. 
In his words: “Rode Pro practice Saturday and felt like I had figured out the course pretty well and what lines we could and couldn’t take. During the pro race I took one of the main lines from the races prior and it ended up being a couple feet outside a stake that I didn’t see that would end up being a DQ. No excuses I just need to be better plain and simple. Need to pay closer attention to the small details like that. Sorry for letting the whole team and our sponsors down! Won’t let this happen again”
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